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Home Maintenance in the Black Hills

Done Right


Done Right Maintenance specializes in home maintenance inside and outside the house for busy families and seniors wanting home maintenance in Rapid City and the Black Hills.

Done Right Maintenance helps keep your property repaired, comfortable, and safe with property maintenance services and home care plans designed for the entire year.

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What We Do

Home Care Plans

  • Done Right keeps track of your home’s needs and maintains it on schedule.

Exterior – Sealing, tightening and cleaning up:

  • gutters
  • windows
  • shrubbery
  • roofing
  • venting
  • concrete
  • garage

Interior – Cleanouts, leak proofing & upkeep:

  • appliances
  • plumbing fixtures
  • drains
  • vents
  • doors
  • light fixtures
  • windows


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What you can expect.

. Schedule Done Right for Home Maintenance

It’s Easy! Done Right’s services are honest and straight forward.

There’s no need for an estimate or phone tag. We use a menu pricing system which means that you know the price up front for the maintenance you need.

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards, even American Express!

On maintenance day

A Done Right maintenance technician will arrive well prepared and friendly to complete the maintenance you need…Done Right.

Our Goal

We know you are busy. It’s our goal to make your home maintenance as easy for you as possible! You can even get your weekends back!

Done Right considers it a success when you say, “It’s perfect and I barely lifted a finger! When can you come back?”


What are The Benefits of Maintaining my Home

It creates a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family

There’s just something about knowing that your house is in order. The security of that feeling creates space to do the things at home that make you and your family happy. It makes it easier to write memories for your family. It frees up space in your mind to create the ideas for improvements you’d like to complete.

It Saves You Money

The rule of thumb is that for every dollar spent on home maintence, a homeowner can save about $100 in repair costs. Not only do you save having to make repairs, but regular maintenance helps your home run more efficiently and save on your monthly utility bills. It may even lower your insurance premium!

It Reduces Risks Around Your Property

Maintenance minimizes the chances of water damage due to leaky water supply lines, lowers the danger of having a fire caused by a dryer whose vent is full of highly flammable lint and it reduces your exposure to accidents happening on your property. 

It increases the value of your home

Not only will your neighbors love you, but potential buyers notice a will maintained home and build a premium into their offer price knowing they can move in and start making memories.

Why Done Right Maintenance?

Done Right Maintenance specializes in home maintenance inside and outside the house for families, seniors, and busy folks in Rapid City and the Black Hills. – We help keep your property maintained, comfortable, and safe with property services and home care plans designed for the entire year.

Done Right helps you protect your investment. 

You can expectProfessional, knowledgeble, and friendly technicians who are keen on maintaining your home in a way, that gives you satisfaction and peace of mind.

Licensed, Insured and LocalDone Right Maintenance is a family business located in Rapid City.

Home Care PlansDone Right completes a 75 point inspection each quarter so you know what your home needs before it’s too late! Every $1 spent on maintenance could save $100 in future repairs. It’s up to you what maintenance items you want completed and when!